“Put on that dress
I’m going out dancing
Starting off red
Clean and sparkling,
He’ll see me”

I am interested in the casual, everyday objectification of women’s bodies; the way the waist is treated like a moveable sculpture; dressed in garments that cinch to reveal the thinness of the thinnest part, making of the body a tidy shape on which to put some ornamentation - like a vase ready to be painted. This series uses a limited number of shapes at play with one another to create multiple variations that reference fashion, smart-phone screens and the half-tone dot of the printed image.

My curiosity in making these works was around positive and negative space; the way that the coloured dots seem to vibrate and jump from on the dress to in front of the dress, revealing or obscuring the body. I became fascinated with adding ornament to ornament until it reached a pretty (or ugly) climax.

Quote is from the song Dress, by PJ Harvey

series of paper pulp paintings,
recycled fibre and pigment

each 20 x 17 cm

Untitled series
corrugated cardboard, gouache,
dimensions variable

Nashi Pear on Tablecloth
gouache on cut and reassembled corrugated cardboard, 60x 74 cm

White mouthed pot
cut paper on paper
21 x 24 cm

Small black pot
cut paper, pastel, gouache on card
8 x 12 cm

Legs on the tram,
gouache on coloured paper,
10 x 12 cm

Legs at the bus stop,
gouache and pencil on coloured paper,
8 x 11 cm